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Our Work

The Hall's Harbour Community Development Association (HHCDA) is dedicated to building a resilient and sustainable local community in Hall's Harbour.

Mission Statement

“To foster a resilient, socially-connected community that honours and protects the natural
environment, offers sustainable ways of developing the local economy, and empowers its members to thrive in a rapidly changing world through meaningful and equitable engagement by all those who experience the community of Hall’s Harbour.”

Vision Statement

“Hall’s Harbour is a flourishing, livable, and sustainable coastal community that strikes a perfect balance between preserving its cultural heritage while embracing new development that ensures the environmental longevity and economic and social sustainability of the community. Residents and visitors of diverse demographics alike have access to exceptional infrastructure, amenities, and recreation for a high quality of life that maintains the close-knit communal experience for all.”

To fulfill this mission, HHCDA is undertaking several projects.


Climate Change Waterfront Initiative


Regional Tourism Development Strategy

More Information Coming Soon.

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Special Projects

More Information Coming Soon.



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