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Early Settlement

hallsharbour history.jpg

Hall's Harbour has a colorful history that includes pirates, shipbuilding, an Admiral in the Turkish navy, and of course - fishing. 


First Lighthouse

halls harbour Lighthouse.png

The first lighthouse was built about 1880. Captain Dewis built the lighthouse pictured here below the Hotel in 1911. It used a kerosene lamp with a red shade. It was lit at dusk and put out at daylight. Once a year a supply boat with an inspector on board, brought kerosene, rags and soap for cleaning windows and the chimney.

The building was built on metal legs and one had to climb a ladder to get to the first floor to clean the lamp. Then it was necessary to ascend to a second level (by stairs) to light the lamp.

Halley Neville painted the complete outside in 1944. Joe Parker and other local residents painted the building over the years.

Electricity was put in October 1, 1957. The light operated from April 1 to Jan 10th and was changed to year round during James Houghton’s time as keeper.

During its history there were seven light keepers. The first was Elias MacDonald, James Watson (20 yrs); Jesse Thorpe (3 yrs); William (Billy) Keddy (5 yrs); James Leroy Houghton (17 yrs); and Marion Houghton (3 yrs).

In 1963 the light was changed to the end of the long wharf where the beacon operated automatically. The vacated lighthouse and wharf gradually deteriorated and was demolished in 1970. 

(Information from James L Houghton (1909 – 2000))



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