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Top 5 Things to do in Hall's Harbour

Do you enjoy traveling? Do you want to explore your very own province? Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia is the place to add to your bucket list! We have many things to do in this quaint, coastal town. From visiting our array of small businesses to exploring our beautiful beaches, here are the top five things to do in Halls Harbour.

#1 - Walk the Coast

Of course, the very first thing you have to do in Halls Harbour is walk our shorelines! Halls Harbour is situated along the shore of the Bay of Fundy therefore, it’s a must to marvel at the world's highest tides! We have miles of coastline to explore with tons of seashells and sea glass to be found. Walking our shores is a great form of exercise, and a free option to spend time with friends and family. It’s a perfect day time activity for kids - get them out in the fresh ocean air and tire them out! It’s also a wonderful place for your furry family members - dogs LOVE Hall’s Harbour!

#2 & #3 - Visit Hall's Harbour Lobster Restaurant and Gift Shop

If you’re a foodie, the perfect thing to do in Halls Harbour is to visit the Halls Harbour Lobster Pound and Restaurant. The restaurant has a variety of menu options but, of course, the most popular being fresh, Hall’s Harbour lobster! When you visit, you get to choose your own lobster right from the tank and the staff are always happy to answer questions - and let you hold and take a picture with your lobster!

Hall’s Harbour Restaurant also has non-seafood and gluten free options to choose from. After enjoying a beautiful seaside walk, it’s the perfect place to get a relax and get your taste of Nova Scotia.

There’s more to Halls Harbour Lobster Pound than just the food. The restaurant also has a sizable gift

shop where you can find something for anyone! You can get yourself a souvenir to remember Halls Harbour by, or find a perfect gift for loved ones. The gift shop has lots of east coast candy to choose from, and tons of maritime trinkets. It’s a must to stop by after a delicious meal!

#4 - Parker's General Store

Just across the street from Halls Harbour Lobster Pound and Restaurant is Parker’s General Store. This store has a rich history dating back to the 1880’s. You can stop by for some light refreshments after a walk on our beaches - Parker’s is known to carry “the best damn dulse around!” The store is also well-known as the hub for beautiful, locally made craftsmanship. From stunning coastal paintings, to gorgeous glass work, to charming wood working, you are bound to leave with a piece of art that encompasses the calm and curious feel of the harbour.

#5 - Take a Moment

Lastly, Halls Harbour is one of the most relaxing places you’ll experience, so we definitely recommend you take a moment to pause and enjoy it - no matter how you decide to do that! You can enjoy a delicious picnic on the rocky beaches with the sound

of waves crashing in the background and invite your closest friends and family. Roasting smores by the campfire with the kids is always time well spent. If you’re a creative person, you can spend some time on our coastline taking photos or painting the beautiful scenery! However you decide to enjoy the scenery, you are bound to take the breezy, tranquil feeling of the harbour home with you.

There’s lots to find and explore in our small town. Hall's Harbour, Nova Scotia, is the perfect place for a day trip, and well worth a long drive from beyond our Nova Scotian borders. From spending some time by the ocean to checking out the businesses dotted around, you’re guaranteed to have a fun-filled trip!
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